Spring Blossoms & Cricket on Campus !

Cricket fans discussing who they thought would win the Chanderpaul Trophy at the national Championship.

Cricket is blooming all over college campuses (or should that be campi ?), and reinforces the fact that this game is the most versatile and flexible. In fact the Gators recently completed a Double Wicket Competition ! Here are 3 Events that have happened, or will happen soon: 


Whilst the Aggies team was in Ft Lauderdale competing in the 2011 National Championships, the remaining members of the Club held a Spring Break Hard Tennis Ball Tournament. Team 8 won, defeating Team 6 (Da Juggernautz) in the Finals. Congrats !


From Club President K Dase : “This semester our club has come up with new addition and wishes to revive this lost form of cricket. This format of the game is more efficient to involve non-regular cricket players and beginners. Also, it develops endurance skill among regular players. So, everyone is welcome to be a part of it.

April 23rd 2011 – 9am – 5pm

The Laws of Cricket apply except:

Each team will consist of 6 players and will play a 5 over game. Each innings will last 5 overs or 20 mins, whichever comes first. Final will be 8 overs.

One bowler can bowl a maximum of two overs.

Wides and no-balls will count as two runs.

Free hits will be offered on both wides and no-balls.

An innings will be concluded if 5 overs are completed or all 6 wickets fall.

The last man will stand while the 5th wicket will act as the runner while the last man will always take strike.

When a wicket falls, 5 runs will be deducted from the batting side total.

Hard Tennis Balls will be used.

Teams and payment should be emailed to me by Monday April 18th. The fees will be $60 per team. Payment made through paypal: (desibabu90@gmail.com or give me a check personally).

Winning team will get prize money, which is yet to be determined.

Gators reviving Double Wicket

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