2 American College Cricket MVPs named! Trips to the BIG League,guests of the IPL’s Rajasthan Royals!

Clive Lloyd captained the West Indies to 2 World Cup victories and a record run as World Champions in Test cricket – this morning announced, as Chairman of the Advisory Board of BIG League USA, that from all the accomplished candidates, there are TWO winners of the American College Cricket Spring Break Championship Awards : Adil Bhatti of Montgomery College, and Adrian Gordon of NYU-Polytechnic !

The statement from Lara Crabb, Communications Manager of the Rajasthan Royals:

“Big League Cricket is about Cricket, People and Entertainment, a similar structure to the Indian Premier League. As the only IPL team to have played competitively outside of India and South Africa, the Rajasthan Royals have first hand experience of how much talent there is out there and we truly hope that we can give that talent a chance to experience the IPL.

“Big League’s strategic alliance with the CBRP and experience of the game internationally is an attractive concept for us and we hope that we can build on our close relationship with them to further enhance cricket opportunities for all in the USA.”

“It is innovative in the USA and for this reason, Big League USA has been created and enhanced with professionals on board who have a solid background of working in the international arena. The Rajasthan Royals are strong supporters of cricket development in India and all around the world, so we recognize the efforts of Big League USA in promoting and developing College cricket whilst adding value for their supporters by incorporating entertainment into the experience”.

“We hope our affiliation with Big League is durable and look forward to partnering them pave this exciting cricketing landscape in the USA for years to come. ‘

” Rajasthan Royals is a formidable supporter of College Sports and realizes the importance of it and is pleased to invite the MVP of the American College Cricket Championship who will experience what the Royals are all about and the enigmatic experience of the Indian Premier League,second to none in the global sporting arena”.

BIG League CEO Salman Ahmed, in explaining the exciting decision by Clive Lloyd to give 2 Awards, instead of one, said, “Adrian Gordon of NYU-Poly and Adil Bhatti of Montgomery College have been outstanding, hence these two college players are BIG League USA’s, American College Cricket MVP’s who are on their way to a life time experience of being invited by an IPL franchise, The Rajasthan Royals.”

Founder and President of American College Cricket Lloyd Jodah, and CEO Nino DiLoreto said, “Clive Lloyd, BIG League USA and the Rajasthan Royals’ decision to extend the invitation to two co-MVPs is tremendous. Whilst there were many wonderful perfomers, Adil Bhatti (Montgomery) and Adrian Gordon (NYu-Poly) truly deserve the honor of being named 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship MVPs. We are ecstatic for these two College players, getting this opportunity of a lifetime.”

“This is one of the many opportunities which our strategic partnership with BIG League USA will bring to our American College Cricket players.”

Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly) bowling to Adil Bhatti (Montgomery) at the 2011 American College Cricekt Spring Break Championship

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