Appreciation for “Mega Cricket Carnival” from Teams !

Baiju Shah TEXAS TECH “great in the sense of organizing and management .we could have made it to the semis, if we didnt had that one off day against UPenn.
But we are still happy about making it to the championship .its published in our newspaper and all our members are already spreading the word by actually delivering the papers out the college bldgs

Eraj Abidi UMBC ” you are doing excellent job promoting cricket in usa every year you come with better ideas and UMBC highly appreciate that ”

Shyam AC AUBURN ” the tournament was fun. we thoroughly enjoyed it. everyone from auburn loves you…and we respect u ”

Nisarg Choksi RUTGERS “loved every bit of it !! now back to studies and bad weather :(

Nalin Chopra RUTGERS “one of the best group of kids ive ever met. Had an awesome experience and everyone contributed to the fun.”

Rahul Potgun AUBURN “sir, u did a great job. it was well planned and executed tornament. I can easily see your and Nino effort ”

Shabir Adrali GEORGE MASON “that was the best level of cricket i’ve every played, every game was very exciting and came down to the wire, i like playing competative teams and we faced some in this tournament. Great event keep up the good work thanks”

Mayurnath Sankar Rao UPENN “thank you for a wonderful tournament again ”

Ian Carlin WOOSTER “congrats on such a successful tournament lloyd”

Salman Abbasi UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON “playing in this kind of a tournament was a first for us and it was great”

Rahul Chadha TEXAS TECH “Texas Tech would like to thank you for organizing such a wonderful tournament and giving us the opportunity to particpaate in it. Great job Sir”

Mohammed Kamran MONTGOMERY “Lloyd you have done a great job for 3 years. Congrats on completing another mark”

Minnesota Cricekt Team from the University of Minnesota

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