UMBC, Boston U, USC Trojans & U of Tampa name teams for Championship!

Only started for the Southeast Championship, the cricket club at the University of Tampa, led by Kaushall Vaddiraj has already garnered attention in the school media. The team is eager to make an impact in the nationals, and go further than their cross town rivals the USF Bulls. The team has had valuable playing time on the Stadium pitches in recent months, and will feel at home.

The guys at University of Maryland Baltimore County return with a very strong record. Apart from reaching the Semi Finals of last year’s American College Cricket Championship, UMBC also won the WMCB league T20 tournament in Maryland, and performed well in the local 40 overs league as well. Stars like Raghav Bharadwarj and Eraj Abidi, under Sumeet Chordiya’s captaincy and Anand Patel’s Club Presidency, give UMBC a good chance at taking the Chanderpaul Trophy back to its original home state of Maryland.

Pioneering Boston University Cricket Club is a cornerstone of American College Cricket and in 2010 they were given the honor of playing the first college cricket match at the Cricket Stadium. In recognition of their role in bringing positive attention to their school, the team has received very generous funding from their administration. The team’s President and Captain is Ankush Chandra, and includes talented Hayat Khan, who is representative of a new breed of American cricket player, having played in the NYC high school (PSAL) and the NYPD United Cricket Leagues.

USC Trojans took the West Coast Championship, with a top score of 95 from Harsh Sowani and good batting by Duhyant Sharma.Tarun Sandhu, their Vice captain & Club President is also a 6’6 fast bowler, whose fluid runup and height can cause some nightmares for batsmen. The Trojans and Thunderbird School of Global Management will get the chance to renew their rivalry, as both teams are in the same group.

UMBC Roster for 2011 Nationals:

Sumeet Chordiya (c)
Rikin Parikh (vc)
Faisel Maniar
Ananth Ranga
Eraj Abidi
Anand Patel
Chirag Vani (w/k)
Raghav Bharadwaj
Gurnish Singh
Austin Aluvathingal
Dhaval Vaghasia
Naga Perni
Abhishek Pandey
Amarvir Brar
Viswanath Mulukuthla


Ankush Chandra-Captain
Salil Nanda- Vice captain
Hayat Khan
Shayaan MehdI
Tejas Atawane
Rohan Roy
Siddharth Kothari
Vidit Munshi
Abhishek Kanapuraju
Sathvik Seshadri
Muzammil Muhammad
Rajasekhar Vamaraju
Mandela Kiran


Kaushal Vaddiraj
Vatsal Vora
Nishchay Batra
Ali Azam
Ammad Hakim
Adithya Vuppala
Prakash V
Roshane Hewitt
Kunal Desai
Kushal Desai
Sahil Sheth
Naushad Ninzer
Abraham Azan
Sanket Gandhi
Ishan Patel

USC TROJANS Cricket team

1. Mishal Patel
2. Tarun Tyagi (C)
3. Srinivas Mohan
4. Harshad Sowani
5. Rishabh Nanda
6. Dushyant Sharma
7. Jeet Poonater
8. Tarun Sandhu
9. Thimmiah BS (WK)
10. Vikram Saini (WK)
11. Pranay Dua
12. Ketan Phaye
13. Arvin Varma – Manager

USC President Max Nikkias presenting a USC Trojans Cricket jersey to Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group

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