Rosters for Cleveland State,U of Iowa, Central Florida & South Florida !

The teams for the following 4 Colleges have been named, to viie for the Chanderpaul Trophy at the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship.

The USF Bulls return, after making the Finals in 2009 and the final four in 2010 – they’d like to stampede to the Finals and win it all this year. Last year they gave eventual Champions York University a strong fight, but dropped some crucial catches. They are led again by Harsha Boddepalli.

Sai Ramesh was last year’s Championship MVP, playing for USF, but he transfered to UCF. Together with Lloyd Jodah, Ramesh started a team at UCF which showedd its strenght at last Fall’s Southeast Championship. The UCF Knights will be a force to reckon with, and like the other Florida teams have a lot of experience playing on the Stadium pitches recently courteesy of BIG League USA.

Cleveland State University is new to the season ball as team but is another example of a team that has come together inspired by American College Cricket. Under Club President Jagjitan Singh Gill and encouraged by Jodah they hosted their first tapeball tournament last year and began preparing for the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship.

The team from the Big 12, University of Iowa has come far fast. Started just over a year ago, the cricket club has already been granted a cricket field by the school ! Under the leadership of Anup Gandhi they then participated in the Midwest Championship and now have their Hawkeyes set on the national Championship !

Facilities-wise American College Cricket would like the example of the Iowa Hawkeyes cricket club to inspire other teams to work towards getting cricket pitches and fields.

1. Jagjitan Singh Gill (President)
2. Ishan Bhatt (Captain)
3. Abhishek Soni
4. Abhilash Gadi
5 . Dhaval Patel
6. Suraj Murali
7. Sanketh Chukkapalli
8. Manikandan Ganesan
9. Pavan Maheshwarm
10. Sadiq Khan
11. Fasih Sayed

Anup Gandhi
Abhinabha Gupta
Pradeep Kapadia
Urvil Patel
Bhupinder Singh
Alok Madasani
Mohan Kondapalli
Puneet Madaan
Brajesh Singh
Dhaval Patel
Arunan C
Darren Stortz


1. Saisitaram Ramesh (C)
2. Kirtan Patel (VC)
3. Melan Jansz
4. Gavin Britto
5. Atit Patel
6. Samih Sadiq
7. Naseer Ahmed
8. Zain Syed Masood
9. Sundar Raghavan
10. Zain Shahid
11. Sagar Karandikar
12. Kalyan Karnati
13. Varendra Jamwant

Sri Harsha Boddepalli All-Rounder

Abhay Vasudev All-Rounder
Harsha Garapati Allrounder
Ravi Nandur – Batsman
Maqsud Indawala – All-Rounder
Himanshu Patadia -All-Rounder
Satish Hanumanthu -Bowler
Ben Leo David Paul Chelludarai -All-Rounder
Anfas Hamza -All-Rounder
Madhura Rajpakshe – Batsman/ WK
Nagesh Nayak – All-Rounder
Anshul Lakshman – Batsman/ WK
Arjun Chauhan -Bowler
Abhinav Kontham – All-Rounder
Prashanth Pal – Bowler
Sudeep Bansal -All-Rounder
Jinendra Lakshmichand -Bowler
Nirav Shah – All Rounder

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