Ohio State University Cricket team announced for 2011 Championship!

The Ohio State University Cricket has announced its team for the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship. “The squad was selected after a 3 months long coaching camp,” according to Club Advisor Suresh Babu.

Deepak Sridhar – Captain – Batsman
Romel Somavat – All-rounder
Uddyalok Banerjee – Batsman
Anupam Vivek – Bowler
Ashok Kumar Das – Bowler
Amritesh Rai – Batsman
Anoop Gunturi – All-rounder
Arun Muthuchelvan – Bowler
Neeraj Agarwal – Keeper/Batsman
Jaskaran Singh – All-rounder
Saurabh Sedha – Batsman
Kaustabh Dixit – All-rounder
Kislaya Kanan – All-rounder
Ashesh Mehta – Bowler
Viral Patel – Bowler

The team includes Romel Somavat, one of the 5 College Cricket Players of 2010, who had 2 scintillating innings of 97 and 55* at the Midwest Championship, and freshman star Kislaya Kanan.

By some measures, “Ohio State U is the largest research-university campus in the country — we think in the world,” says Leslie Wexner, the billionaire retailer who chairs the university’s board of trustees. “It is a very big, very powerful organization.” OSU’s annual budget is $ 4.2 Billion and it is one of the biggest sports names in the world (it is usually one of the top-ranked college football teams and is currently ranked # 1 in NCAA Basketball). OSU President E Gordon Gee is on the Advisory Board of American College Cricket.

On Sept 26 President Gee attended the first American College Cricket Midwest Championship which included a number of Big 10 colleges, and said “It’s great to see Big 10 schools competing in another sport – cricket, and its an honor to have the Trophy bear my name.” Each year the Champions of the Midwest Championships will be awarded the E Gordon Gee Trophy.

Romel Somavat,Deepak Sridhar and the Club played a major role in organizing the 2010 Midwest Championship. Additionally OSU Cricket has over the past 10 years campaigned against one of the biggest difficulties facing American cricket players – the length of the grass on is on campus field. Last year it was successful in getting the grass cut to a more acceptable length, though it’s still too long. OSU is one of the few schools that currently provides its cricket team with an on campus field.

Mayor Of Lauderhill Richard Kaplan, a University of Michigan Wolverine alumni, will no doubt show up at the Championship as he did last year, to root against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Ohio State Cricket team in 2010

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