Texas A & M Aggies name team, & 12th man,for national Championship !

The Aggie Cricket Club has named its team to rpresent Texas A & M in the nationals, the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship, including its 12th man ! So if you’re awakened by a “Midnight Yell” at the hotel, its the Aggies !

Anurag Verma

Ankush Gupta

Balakrishna Ayyagari

Sridhar Varadhan

Ockert Greyvenstein

Sunny Bansilal Rathod

Hamza Saif Mohammed

Venkatesh Ravishankar

Vinayakk Mohanarangan

Sivaprasad Sambasivan

Wasif Khan

Siddharth Somayajulu

Cricket has its 12th man, ready to come on and field for an injured player. Texas A & M ’s tradition of the 12th man began in January 1922, and basically means the entire crowd at an Aggies’ game are 12th men, ready to play,if called upon to help their team win !

Aggies Cricket Club President Sridhar Varadan said:

“The Aggie Cricket Club is a student organization at Texas A&M University at College Station. We have about 100 students who play in a regular internal league comprising 6-8 teams. Our leagues happen during the fall and spring semester and these are season (hard) ball championships. In tapeball we won the inaugural Maroon Cricket Championship, featuring some universities in Texas.”

A major football rival, Texas Tech is also in the Championship whilst new cricket rival the University of Houston is also particpating in American College Cricket Championship for the first time.

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