Cleveland State U Vikings join American College Cricket, has tournament

These are the pictures of the first ever cricket tournament in Cleveland State University. The tapeball tournament was a knockout format, and had 6 teams.

There were some brilliant perfomances by each teams which made the tournament exciting. We would like to thank Jagjitan Singh Gill, President of the Viking Cricket Club (of Cleveland State U) to have organized a tournament for all cricket lovers at Cleveland State University and to have provided a vision for all cricket fans.

We also thank American College Cricket who supported the club and encouraged it.

The final match of the tournament was played between  Knight Riders and Elite 8. Knight Riders won, and finished as the champions of the first ever twenty20 tournament at Cleveland State U, by 9 runs.

Viking Cricket Club
Cleveland State University
The guys at Cleveland State  University are focused on fielding a hardball team at the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break  Championship in March.
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