Jamaica win easily vs USA in Florida at College Championship Stadium

Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly)

Game Summary:

The game between USA and Jamaica launched an exciting weekend featuring Sri Lanka and New Zealand in a couple of T20 matches.

The match began with Jamaica choosing to bat after winning the toss and putting up a formidable 307 runs for USA to chase. (High scores in previous updates) 3 of their batsmen went for 50 plus and established a competitive atmosphere for USA to be submersed in.

USA’s young players did well on the fielding side with fast opening bowling by Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly) and good fielding by Andy Mohammed (TCI).

In the end, despite the strong 57 by Orlando Baker, the USA team fell short by 133 runs due to a lack of aggressiveness from the beginning of the innings but this was understandable due to the quick loss of wickets in the first 10 overs. In the end, USA failed to meet Jamaica’s 307 only managing 175 runs all out. Hopefully they will prove to be more of a challenge in the future T20 matches.

The USA will need to strenghten its batting – and should probably call up Adil Bhatti (MC) and Ankit Sehgal (MC), two of the best batsmen in the USA now. The bowling of these 2 allrounders could have helped restrict the Jamaicans.

USA 175 all out , Jamaica won easily by 133 runs

Andy Mohammed out LBW by Wallace.
Mahdi was the new batsman in. Not too long after, Baker was caught at the boundary for 57.
Mahdi was then caught at the boundary a little while later for 24. The USA team is trying to open up their arms, but it seems to be a little too late. The two Americans occupying the crease are Ghous and Moazam.

The score is 164 for 7 after 42 overs.


Jamaica final score was 307 not 305.

Thygarajan out for 39, caught at boundary by C Brown.
A Mahoi enters the center along with Baker who is sitting on 40.

USA is 104 for 4 off of 39 overs

Update 3
76 for 3 off of 24.2 Overs

Thyagarajan – 22
Baker – 32

Update 2
USA is 52 for 3 after 17 overs. Baker and Thyagarajan occupy the crease with 20 and 10 respectively.

Update 1

With the crowd picking up to about 250 people here at Central Broward Regional Park, the U.S. team find themselves in a jam. The opening bats were Orlando Baker and Carl Wright, and Wright was run out on the first deliver while returning for his second run.
Not too long after, the skipper Messiah was called out for LBW by umpire Max Diah. Two balls later, the new batsman who entered, C Williams was called out for LBW as well. Currently the two Americans occupying the crease are Thyagarajan and the opener Baker. The score stands at 42 for 3 off of 12.4 overs.
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