All America 2nd Team

College All America Teams are the equivalent of All Star Teams in Professional sports in the US. The designation is primarily Honorary.

However as we did last year, when a College All Star Team played the 2009 Champions, Montgomery College, we will endeavour to have the All Americans play. 

There were many more deserving cricketers than could be selected. If you were not selected, you were given motivation to be better in anything you do.

The All Americans selected are expected to represent their fellow College Cricket players well, and exemplify what our student-athletes are: cricket players, students and good human beings.   

They are expected to do their part in advancing cricket in the USA & Canada.

Anand Patel (UMBC)

Hashim Khan (GMU)

Saisitaram Ramesh (USF)

Sudeep Misra (Thunderbird)

Ahmad Malik (York U)

Gavish Sharma (UPenn)

Maaz Tasneem Khan (Wooster)

Jai Patel (York U)

Mohammed Kamran (Montgomery)

Nisarg Choksi (Rutgers)

Ankush Chandra (BU)

Mishal Patel (USC)

Kalpesh Patel (UMiami)

Bilal Shahid (York College)

Pavan Chakravarty (St Cloud State)

Rahul Potghan (Auburn)

Ahmad Malik (York U)

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