‘Canes remember the Titans

Dear Titans of the American College Cricket Championship,
  That seemed the best way to address this letter, as i felt simply saying Mr.Jodah or Mr.Diloretto was a bit plain, and not representative of the true visionaries you men both are.  

 Having been a part of the American College Cricket scene even before it hit the airways, or even the likes of facebook, i have seen it grow from a small seed planted in the soil of unchartered territories to an immense, spangling, and truly awesome spectacle ! Though there were obstabcles, you fought threw them and succesfully staged the first ever college championship last spring.  

 It was a truly momentous occasion, one that opened the pages for cricket in America in modern times. But you didn’t stop there, in 2010, you returned to South Florida, and brought with you 4 times as many teams as you did the previous year !

 On behalf of myself, and the rest of my Miami Hurricane teammates – Thank You for making cricket in America a reality ! But not only that, thank you for your assistance in helping to make it possible to have a team at the “U.”  

If it weren’t for your advice and constant pushing over the last two years, many of our achievements would not have been accomplished. Even though our team did not fair with the top talent in the this year’s tournament i can look back at these two years proudly and say that without your assistance, and enthusiasm, we would not have even had a team at the “U.”

Multitudes of college students in Coral Gables from all backgrounds have had their college experiences enriched through their experiences learning, watching and playing cricket with us over the last twenty four months.

 So as I graduate, I hope that you will continue to impact our school, and America in a positive way, and I trust that the 2011 Championship will be World Class.


Kalpesh Patel

Departing President


Kalpesh Patel of UMiami


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