GWU loved the Championship !

Mr. Jodah and Mr. DiLoreto. 

On the behalf of my teammates and The George Washington University, I would like to sincerely thank both of you for putting together this tournament. This tournament has allowed us to network, improve our cricket, and become a greater force at GW. Despite the weather on the first day, everything went very smoothly. 

The hotel staff was very accommodating, the fields were adequate, and the stadium was truly a sight! While we weren’t able to advance to the semifinal round of the tournament, we definitely improved tremendously over the course of the tournament. We had players who played their first leather-ball matches in this tournament. GW Cricket has been taking baby steps for the last 4 years. We just made the transition from tapeball to leatherball cricket earlier this academic year.

 This tournament will and has done wonders for our club’s sustainability and growth. I believe Hugo Scheckter (President) and Victor Williams (Vice President) both have learned a great deal from various clubs during this week and now know how to take GW Cricket to the next level. I am truly proud to say that GW Cricket has a great foundation in place compared to other teams in this country.

It may have taken our entire college career, but Curt Sonnet, Ali Sternberg and I have truly started something that we are proud of. With this foundation in place, I can say with great confidence that cricket at GW will be around for the upcoming decades.

This tournament has already started to pay dividends for us. We have been talking to Wooster about a tournament next month with other regional schools. We have also made connections with UWI which could benefit us and American cricket in the future.

I believe we have great potential which was exhibited this tournament as we took the semi-finalists to the wire and had some great individual performances against Montgomery College and George Mason. With two starters coming off of season-ending injuries and one starter coming back from abroad, I think we can truly advance to the semis next year.


Ankit Sheth

Founder and Acting President GW CRICKET.

The George Washington University: GW Cricket
Caretaker: Ankit Sheth
President: Hugo Scheckter
Vice President: Victor Williams
Executive Treasurer: Kanishk Mishra
Captain: Amr Hassan
Vice Captain: Jahan Tahiliani


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